Friday, February 16, 2007

7AM - Mr. Datastorm cannot be seen!
Did we mention that Mr. Datastorm needed to hookup to a new space station? His old space station does not work this far south.

When we went to commission the new space station yesterday, Mr. Datastorm became invisible. We cannot see him anymore. Wow! What a terrible thing! Perhaps the folks at Datastorm Users Forum will be able to help us with this problem!

Note: Until Mr. Datastorm is working again, we will be publishing from internet cafes.

8:30AM to 1PM - Removing stuff from MsTioga's roof.
We are continuing to remove stuff, in preparation for our new fiberglass roof. Today is a bright sunshiny day, and it is soooooo hot. This is the first day with no wind. Until the wind did not blow, we did not know how much that the wind cooled things off.

It is slow work removing each screw, buried deep in caulking. It took four hours to remove the molding at the rear of MsTioga's roof. Then the little fence guard came off. After that, the roof vents.

One of the things that was removed, is the label from the dealer where MsTioga was purchased. When we mentioned [a few years ago] that it was our opinion that this dealer hid the fact the the refrigerator did not work, this dealer threatened legal action.

Can you imagine that? Wow! We mentioned it again!

The dastardly dealer's label.

3PM - Removing Mr. Sunny's solar panels.
By the time we got to removing the solar panels, we were sooooooooo tired! We got three of the six panels taken down today. Tomorrow we will take down the rest.
Jorge taking down the solar panels.

4PM - Supper at Gran Pollo.
Jorge is soooooo tired and sooooooo hungry! We made a bee-line for the fast food Gran Pollo that makes BBQ chicken. Wow! That chicken is so good!
Gran Pollo.

Doesn't this chicken look good?


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