Tuesday, February 27, 2007

7AM - Mr. Datastorm and Mr. Sunny's Going-Back-Up Day!
Yes! Today is the day that Mr. Datastorm and Mr. Sunny get to go-back-up on MsTioga's new fiberglass roof!

However, much work needs to be done!

11AM - Mr. Sunny is rewired.
We have been working on Mr. Sunny this morning, wiring up his six panels in parallel so that 12 volts are delivered to the battery charge controller in our office.

But the work is not easy. The sun is bright today, and Jorge does not work well at all when it is hot. Jorge needs many breaks, and a ton of water. Wow.

1PM - Time to go back on the roof.
Jose and his friend Johnny help get Mr. Datastorm and then Mr. Sunny on MsTioga's roof. We use a towing strap to lift up everything. Johnny and Jorge on the roof, and Jose on the ground.
Back on the roof!

2PM to 4PM - Screws and Hinges.
First Mr. Datastorm is secured with screws to his new base. Then comes the time to assemble Mr. Sunny's hinges.

The hinges take the most time. They are made from "L" brackets, because hinges of a correct size could not be bought. When the hinges are installed, it is found that the six panel solar assembly is MUCH too heavy! A 2x4 wood brace must be installed to tie the panels together.

4PM - Buying the 2x4 and a new cable.
We go off to buy the 2x4. Also, a new #10 cable must be bought because Mr. Sunny is now a bit further away from his battery charge controller.

5PM - Gran Pollo.
We go to Gran Pollo to buy BBQ Chicken, which is so good! Jorge is starving, and this chicken and the French fries are worderful.

6PM - Getting photos of the raised panels.
Just at sundown, we are out in the parking lot of Gran Pollo installing the 2x4 so that you may see what the raise solar panels look like!
Little Mavicito's view of Mr. Sunny raised up.

View showing 2x4 and temporary brace.

Bottom of panel assembly showing hinges.

Hinge assembly.

8:45PM - Rushing like crazy.
The internet cafe closes at 9PM. We are rushing like crazy to get today's blog published. After we arrived at the Internet Cafe, Jorge was soooooo sleepy, so he took a nap inside MsTioga. And he woke up at 8PM!! Wow!


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