Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7AM - What happened to our cell phone?
We have been looking for our cell phone, which we have not found. We wanted to use the phone to call Motosat in order to arrange for a new space station for Mr. Datastorm. Strange things happened while searching for that phone. Jorge published a story in MsTioga Magazine about what happened.

Click here to read that story, OK?

8AM - Buying plywood to seal cabover windows
MsTioga has three windows in her cabover. None of them are being used because the cabover is now a large cabinet. So, we are buying plywood for a backing for fiberglass. The windows are going to be removed and the remaining holes fiberglassed closed.

9AM - Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
My job is to remove all of the molding in preparation for Jose and his helper Salvadore to do the fiberglass work. I have not worked this hard in years! There is a ton of molding to remove, and many times the screws that secure that molding are rusty, and hard to take out.

Nearly all of this molding provides an avenue for water to enter MsTioga's walls. By removing this molding, the walls will become waterproof! In the first pic below, is a sample of the vertical corner molding and also two plastic molding covers going right and left.

Vertical molding being removed.

Below, Jorge points to the aluminum skirt molding. This molding is exposed to being hit by rocks and things. Also, this molding is impossible to seal. Water enters the bottom of the wall panels thru this molding.
Aluminum skirt molding.

2PM - Finishing the fiberglass with bondo.
After the applied fiberglass is sanded down, bondo is applied to blend in the surface. This process makes all the difference!
Jose sands down the fiberglass/bondo.

4PM - The roof molding.
I was not planning on removing the roof molding which runs the length of the roof. However, after seeing the condition of the walls under the other molding, I decided to peal back the Eternabond covering roof edge. As soon as I saw how the roof was constructed, the decision was made to fiberglass from the top of the wall panels, to the wood construction of the roof.
View of roof edge with Eternabond pealed back.


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