Thursday, February 22, 2007

8AM - Buying things for Mr. Sunny and Mr. Datastorm!
MsTioga and The Team are going shopping for several things. For Mr. Datastorm, we are going to buy a mounting board for the antenna base. The mounting board will be placed under the Datastorm antenna base, and fiberglassed for protection. The board will give the Datastorm antenna a strong foundation.

Mr. Sunny is going to get a tilt mount, that we will construct ourselves! The Team's good friend, John Porter has been urging us to get a tilt mount for a couple of years, and now we are getting it. Thank you, John!

1PM - Back from our shopping spree!
First stop was a Lavanderia [Laundromat]. Then we bought some aluminum extrusion which will be used to construct a tilt device for our solar panels. At the lumber yard, we bought the board for the Datastorm base. We also bought an electrical box which will be used as a mold for John the Fiberglass guy to make a two fiberglass junction boxes!

Then, we went grocery shopping! Wow! Lots of stuff.

2PM - The mounting board and aluminum extrusion.
In the pic below, Jorge shows the mounting board for Mr. Datastorm's antenna. Jorge is holding one of the extrusions for Mr. Sunny's new tilt mounting system.
The mounting board and aluminum extrusion.

4PM - Assembling the solar panels.
After cutting the aluminum extrusion to be used for mounting the solar panels, it was time for assembly.

In the pic below, Jorge is fastening the solar panels to the extrusion.
Assembling the tilt mechanism.

The continuing story of the stolen cell phone and T-Mobile's huge bill.
I have received a ton of email advising NOT to pay the huge T-Mobile cell phone bill. As you may remember, my cell phone was taken from my bedroom dresser, where it has been since I arrived in Mexico. I thought that phone was still inside MsTioga, until I went to pay the monthly bill and found it to be huge!

I was just going to pay the bill, after making arrangements with T-Mobile's financial department to spread the payments over six months. But the avalanche of email from readers has gotten my attention BIG time.

I have not reached the financial department yet. I have asked T-Mobile support several times for their email address, and they keep replying with an (800) number! I cannot phone an (800) number from Mexico. Hmmmmmm?


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