Tuesday, February 20, 2007

8AM - Fiberglass roof day!
Today is when MsTioga begins to receive her new fiberglass roof! However, things are busy around Jose's Fiberglass Shop. Customers come in and must be attended to, and Jose is the only one to do that.

While we are anxiously awaiting the fiberglass roof to begin, there is plenty of work to be done. In the pic below, Jorge is cleaning the base of one of MsTioga's ladder. There is a lot of sticky caulking to remove before the ladder is reinstalled on the fiberglass roof!
Cleaning caulking off the ladder.

3PM - Salvadore prepping MsTioga's roof.
Finally in the afternoon, Jose had a chance to look at MsTioga's roof job. Salvadore began to clean the corners of the Eternabond tape and then sand for the fiberglass.
Salvadore cleaning the Eternabond tape.

4PM - Jose installs fiberglass on roof perimeter.
Jose is called "maestro" by everybody, because he is very respected in his fiberglass work. In the pic below, Jose is putting on fiberglass on two inches of the roof and two inches of MsTioga's wall.
Fiberglass on the roof perimeter.

6PM - No driving MsTioga for one hour.
Jose has instructed that MsTioga's is not to be driven for one hour, while the fiberglass sets up.

So, we make supper! Taquitos with a roast beast filling, rice and beans and a nice salad!
Taquito supper!

8PM - The terrible stolen phone problem.
We have been thinking about the financial hit that we have taken as a result of the cell phone being stolen and then used to the tune of around $1,500. But it is not that bad. We are going to pay-off the $1,500 over a six-month period.

We are NOT asking readers to help us with donations. When we needed help before, you helped us out a lot! But we have been carefully saving each month, and now we will be able to deal with this without help. Isn't that the greatest thing? Hmmmmmm?


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