Saturday, February 24, 2007

9AM - Shopping for fasteners for our tilt-up solar system.
The selection here in Ciudad Constitucion of bolts and nuts is sort of limited. We felt lucky to find three hinges that fit our assembly. The bolts are not the size we need, but they are close

We has used sheet metal screws with lockwashers, but these proved to weak. That is why we changed over to bolts..

11AM - Mounting wood base on MsTioga's roof.
Our Datastorm and tilt-up solar panel device both need wood bases located on MsTioga's roof. All of the bases will be covered with fiberglass to prevent water from harming the wood.

2PM - Fiberglassing the wood bases.
In the pics below, Jose is applying fiberglass over the wood bases that we have made up. There are three layers of fiberglass over these bases.
Fiberglass over the Datastorm base.

Datastorm base close-up.

Close-up view of fiberglass.

8PM - Stolen cell phone charges, latest news!
I have been helped by reader Tina, who contacted T-Mobile on my behalf. Tina is sooooo successful! We have a HUGE credit shown on our T-Mobile web page. We have not been able to get the details yet, but everything looks really good!

Happy Anniversary, MsTioga and George!
Tomorrow, February 25th, 2007, is the fourth anniversary of the day that MsTioga met George in Manteca, California! Wow!

Soooooo much has happened in those four years. It is hard to believe!


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