Friday, February 02, 2007

9AM - Staying inside MsTioga seems to be the thing to do.
I've set the heater so that it keeps it a warm 80°F inside. Warm and dry makes me feel better. Other than that, I really have to just wait this thing out. I just do not have the energy to do anything else. Wow! I am soooooo surprised by all of this. Did not see this coming!

3PM - Upped my water intake.
Although I am not thirsty, I have upped my water intake to 2 cups per hour during the day. I am not hungry either, and have not eaten anything so far today.

I just took my temperature, and found that it is 100°F. I am going to see the doctor now. I will have to drive MsTioga down there.

7:30PM - Jorge goes to the hospital.
My appointment with Dr. Leonel Orozco was very complete. Included an EKG. The doctor concluded that I have a serious bronchial infection. He put me in the hospital at Mesa Francia until next Tuesday. He told me that if I did not go to the hospital, I would be inviting serious risks.

This will mean that I will not be posting as I usually do. Wow!


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