Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just before dawn - A wonderful sky!
Jorge and Little Mavicto saw the wonderful dawn sky forming, and went out with Tri-Pod to capture the dawn!
Gorgeous dawn!

7AM - Working with Mr. Datastorm.
The first thing to do was to get Mr. Datastorm's cables hooked up. His base was screwed down solid to MsTioga's new roof yesterday.

After the control cable was attached, we raised Mr. Datastorm's dish up manually to attach the other cables which are on the inside of the base. Jose was curious, and went up on MsTioga's roof to take a peek.
Jose looks at Mr. Datastorm.

1PM - Mr. Datastom may have a bad controller.
After working with Mr. Datastom all morning long, we were not able to get him to work properly. Something happened when we were trying to log onto our new Space Station. Since then, Ms. GQ our laptop computer has not been able to talk to Mr. Datastorm.

This is not a terrible thing here in Mexico, because we are usually near an internet cafe, as we are here in the City of Constitucion.

2PM - Salvadore putting bondo on MsTioga.
Since early morning, Salvadore [Jose's only employee], has been putting bondo on MsTioga. Salvadore has finished the bondo all around the top of MsTioga's roof.
Salvadore is very experienced with Bondo.

4PM - Re-Engineering Mr. Sunny's tilt-up assembly.
Several readers emailed wondering if it is a good idea to put all of the six panels on one tilt-up assembly. We found out yesterday that it is NOT a good idea. Six panels weigh over 100 lbs. Just too much to lift into tilt-up position.

Our first engineering change was to split the tilt-up into two assemblies. Instead of aluminum extrusion, we are using wood 1"x3"s. Also, the hinges are now hefty.

We will begin to transfer the panels tomorrow, after painting the1"x3"s.


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