Wednesday, March 14, 2007

12 Noon - Jorge and the new 7000 modem have returned!
We spent over 36 hours over three days making the round trip from Constiución to Tijuana and back again. The bus trip went pretty well. We met really nice passengers to share stories with!

When we arrived in Tijuana, we hired a cab to take us into San Diego to pick up the new 7000 modem [the reason for this trip]. When the cab arrived at Mark Cooley's "RV Specialists" in north San Diego, the 7000 modem was waiting for us! We took the same cab back to the bus station in Tijuana, and caught the next bus back to Constitución.

Of course Mr. Datastorm is sooooooooo happy to be up and running again! And Jorge is soooooo happy that he can now take a nice shower and get cleaned up. Being back with MsTioga is the greatest thing. She was missed a lot.

1PM - The new 7000 modem.
We hooked up the new 7000 modem, and Mr. Datastorm went searching for his space station and an internet connection. It has been over a month, since Mr. Datastorm has been able to take us online.

You may remember that Mr. Datastorm lost his old space station connection, when we traveled beyond its footprint. That was in the middle of February. When we tried to commission [hook up] to the new space station, there were problems. Then Mr. Datastorm was removed for the installation of MsTioga's new roof.

When Mr. Datastorm was up on MsTioga's roof again, he could not get online. Finally, it was determined that the old modem needed replacement. And that is what we did today!

All is well that ends well, right?
Mr. Datastorm is back again!

4PM - Google Anchor Map Link updated.
During the past month, Mr. Datastorm was unable to easily update the Google Anchor Map Link that locates our Nite Camp position. Now that Mr. Datastorm is up and running again, we are catching up with things.

The Google Anchor Link is once again at the bottom of today's post.


Google Anchor Link

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