Friday, March 23, 2007

5AM - Painting Day!
We are soooooooooo excited, because this is painting day! Yesterday afternoon when we picked up our paint from the Dupont store, we received samples prepared from our Dupont "Cromacryl" acrylic automotive paint. We are looking at them now. Wow!!

Reader Curtis asked, "Where will they paint MsTioga?" [See Readers Write].

Priming and painting where any second wind may kick up the sand is a terrible idea. I do not know the answer to Curtis' question. Perhaps Jose told me, and I did not understand his Spanish?

5:30AM - Tioga Team's Project, Part #5.
Here are all the rest of the things that MsTioga wanted for her Team Project:
  1. Move existing solar battery bank to outside compartment where Onan generator used to live. Install battery bank on slide out for easy maintenance.
  2. Remove existing house 12 volt battery and replace with our solar battery bank. We will be able to complete this project goal after #1 is done.
  3. Tiltable solar panels that angle up to optimize electricity production.
  4. Replace EPDM rubber roof with fiberglass.
  5. Convert bench seat storage under dining table to slide out for our vertical hanging file. Now we keep our records in a large box in the cabover. This heavy box must be brought down each time to look at something inside.

8:00AM - Decision to paint at Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
When Gaspar came to work, we all got together and had a discussion about moving the painting location to a warehouse, or painting here at Jose's shop. It was decided that there is no danger today from wind blowing the dust on to the wet paint. So the painting will be done here at Jose's.

8AM - Masking the windows.
In the pic below, Gaspar is beginning to mask MsTioga's windows while Jose and Johnny read ads from the papers used to do this masking. Very soon, Jose, Gaspar and Salvadore were busy doing the masking.
Masking MsTioga's windows.

12 Noon - The painting begins.
The masking of MsTioga took about four hours to complete. Now painting with a primer coat begins. First the bottom fringe of MsTioga will be completed.

The fringe contains the bottom color and a 2-3/4" wide strip of a second color. This 2-3/4" wide strip is separated from the bottom color by a 1" wide strip of the top color. MsTioga is getting a three-color paint job.
Primer painting the fringe.

2:30PM - Bottom color, first coat.
Now is the time Gaspar paints the bottom color. There will be three coats of this color. I cannot begin to tell you how very exciting it is to be watching this painting!!!

4:30PM - Three coats of bottom fringe complete.
Jose and the others call it "la franja" [the fringe]. It is the bottom part of MsTioga. La Franja is painted a beige color, as you may see in the pics below.
Gaspar spraying La Franja.

Gaspar and Jose filling the gun.

Little Mavicito & Jorge see themselves in the paint.

5:30PM - Like a cave inside MsTioga.
With all of MsTioga's windows covered with newspaper, it is like a cave inside. All we see from the windows, are advertisements for tools!
Jorge online in "the cave."


Nite Camp at Jose's Fiberglass Shop