Thursday, March 01, 2007

6:30AM - The new design for the tilt-up solar panel assembly.
This morning is assembly time for our changed tilt-up solar panel assembly. This design is soooooo easy to make, and it is solid as a rock too.

Several readers wrote email wondering about the design constructed out of aluminum extrusion, and were especially concerned about the weak hinges.
Jorge angles-up our newly designed solar assembly.

The hinges are much stronger now. These hinges are designed for front doors.
Hinge line.

Close-up of hinge.

11AM - Early lunch!
After the tilt-up assembly was completed, Jorge went to prepare a wonderful lunch!

Jorge eats pretty well!

2PM - Jorge works on preparation for the fiberglass.
Jorge's work is pretty much finished. So, now there is time to work on fiberglass preparation.

In the pic below, Jorge is cleaning the bottom of MsTioga's rear panel which is badly rusted. The bottom of this panel will be encased in fiberglass. The grinder that Jorge is using is a new purchase for The Team. It is a rotary grinder and will be used for fiberglass repairs and changes.
Jorge works with the new grinder.

3PM - Jose completes MsTioga's rear panel.
In the pic below, Jose is putting fiberglass over the joint at the top of MsTioga's rear panel. This joint used to be one of those inexpensive aluminum molding things with a plastic strip to cover the secures securing the molding.

Now there will be no molding. And there will be no joint. As it should be, don't you agree? Hmmmm?
Jose fiberglassing MsTioga's rear panel.

5PM - Johnny, Jose's good friend.
Johnny is a fisherman, and a very good friend of Jose's. Johnny is repairing one of fishing boats, during the slack season.

We have noticed that Johnny pitches in and helps whenever there is something that needs to be done. Such as helping to load a completed boat onto a trailer. Or today helping Jose take all the accumulated trash to the dump.

Johnny seems to know that to have a friend, you must be a friend

Johnny asked Jorge to take a pic with his son in front of his newly painted boat. Doesn't the blue and white look terrific? The outside will be painted white tomorrow.
Johnny and his son with the newly painted boat.


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