Tuesday, March 20, 2007

6:30AM - Tioga Team's Project, Part #2.
Air conditioning [A/C] is not required for MsTioga, because we move to locations in order to achieve desired climate and temperature. Most RVers stay in RV Campgrounds and and adapt to temperature by using the A/C.

Removing the A/C means that Mr. Onan, our huge and heavy generator is not needed and we will be selling him. We have made tests to see how the microwave and vacuum cleaner work running off of our battery powered 1000 watt Jazz inverter. Works great! No problems

We will carry a tiny portable generator for times when the sky is completely clouded over. Perhaps in the 1 or 2KW size.
[To be continued.]

7AM - Readers warn about panel skirt skid.
A bunch of emails have been received warning of problems with the wood skid installed on the rear panel skirts yesterday [see Readers Write].

We agree that the wood skid is not ideal. However, if the skid is not installed and the rear panel contacts the ground, the newly fiberglassed [and soon to be painted] panel will contact the ground instead.
Note: The new wood skid was removed during the afternoon.

9:30AM - Painting begins today or tomorrow morning!
I thought that I had a couple of days to choose MsTioga's colors. However, Jose mentioned casually this morning that painting the bottom fringe would begin possibly this afternoon!

So, right after finishing this post, I am off to the Dupont paint store here in town to make the final color selections. Wow!

11AM - Bought the paint.
I took Mr. Trek [bicycle] to the Dupont paint store, and bought the paint. It is soooooo hard choosing colors! Wow!

When I returned, Salvadore was working on the bottom side of the cabover. There seems to be a whole lot of paint preparation to do before painting begins. I wonder if Jose and Salvadore are being too optimistic about beginning to paint today?
Salvadore grinding cabover fiberglass.

6PM - MsTioga's new signs.
We picked up MsTioga's new exterior signs from "Caligráfico." This is a store that produces artwork for vehicles and boats.

Little Mavicito went to take a pic of MsTioga's new signs to show you, but MsTioga stopped him. "Everybody is going to have to wait to see my new signs!", said MsTioga. "When my paint job is complete, then I will show you, OK?"
Caligráfico store.


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