Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7:30AM - Tioga Team's Project, Part #3.
Why did MsTioga want to tackle this big project? It costs lots of money. There will be risks!

The answer is, MsTioga loves life! And loving life means doing new things. Having dreams of glory. Achieving goals. Having a blast!

There will be plenty of time to just do nothing when we go home to live with God. Until then, it's pedal to the metal, full speed ahead!
[To be continued.]

9AM - When will the paint job be done?
Everybody on The Team is on pins-and-needles waiting for the paint job to be done. Jose and Salvadore are getting close. However, there is still much preparation to be done.

Reader Paul wrote, "The paint job is only as good as the prep work" [See Readers Write]. We agree! And it seems to us that the prep work for MsTioga's paint job is high quality.

11AM - Mr. Onan says goodbye.
This morning we made a deal with our friend Johnny. You have probably seen pics of Johnny working on his boat at Jose's Fiberglass Shop. Johnny is a very good friend of Jose's, and is a successful fisherman living here in ConstituciĆ³n.

The deal we made was for Mr. Onan, our 4KW generator. We sold Mr. Onan for $400US. We feel that this is a very good deal for us, since Johnny has helped with the work on MsTioga's project a lot. Johnny is also loaning us his high pressure air compressor for MsTioga's paint job.

When we are back in the USA, we will be looking to buy a portable electric generator for emergency use. We will probably buy a Honda 1KW.
Goodbye to Mr. Onan.

2PM - A new painter on MsTioga's job.
This afternoon, Jose hired a new painter. His name is Gaspar, and he appears to be a very good person to have working on the paint job. Salvadore who is our old painter, had problems coming to work on time and may have been a bit slow too.
Gaspar, our new painter.


Nite Camp at Jose's Fiberglass Shop