Thursday, March 22, 2007

6:30AM - Tioga Team's Project, Part #4.
[In this daily series of posts, we are reviewing what we wanted to accomplish during our Team Project.]

  1. MsTioga requested that all of her ouches be repaired. There were a couple of major ouches. Once about a year ago, George backed into a tree bending MsTioga's rear window frame. More recently, a turn made too quickly in Santa Rosalia, bashed the bottom skirt into the water tank [only a few feet from Chito's home].
  2. MsTioga never liked the aluminum and plastic molding that was put on by Fleetwood simply to cover fiberglass and major section joints. We wanted the molding removed and replaced with fiberglass. The aluminum molding at the bottom of the right and left side skirts had become very ugly looking, because it is very difficult to repair.
  3. MsTioga's cabover exterior fiberglass had lost its lamination years ago when the former owner did not discover that rain was entering thru the clearance lights. Reattaching the fiberglass and removing all of the cabover windows was high on the Team Project's list.
[To be continued.]

12Noon - Paint job is zipping along.
So far this morning, things have been moving fast. It is the Gaspar, the new painter who has made the difference. Gaspar seems to be all over MsTioga, finishing things that have been missed before.

Jose and Salvadore are also working on MsTioga's paint job. Three men on-the-job! Wow!
Gaspar, Salvadore and Jose on-the-job!

Gaspar working on the roof edge.

5:30PM - Dupont paint store.
We are picking up our paint at the Dupont paint store. The paint is Dupont's "Cromacryl" and costs $58 per gallon. Also purchased is a spray gun with a gravity feed.

With this purchase, we are now ready to complete MsTioga's paint job!!


Nite Camp at Jose's Fiberglass Shop