Wednesday, March 07, 2007

6AM - A miracle day dawns!
Yesterday afternoon, Jorge and MsTioga went to the body shop where we planned on getting our paint job. You may remember about three weeks ago meeting Gilberto, who owns the "El Cardon" body shop.

We were very surprised when Gilberto admitted that he had never worked on a large RV before. Even more surprising, Gilberto had never painted a complete vehicle before. All his experience was in fixing parts of cars; fenders, rear ends, etc. Also, he would have to hire a man to do the work on MsTioga.

We went to bed thinking that MsTioga would be driving around with a half repaired body. No paint job. Wow!

Then the miracle happened. An idea how we could get the paint job we needed. Salvadore, the helper that works for Jose the fiberglass guy, has experience with painting vehicles. Maybe Salvadore could do the paint job? We spoke with Jose about this idea, and he liked it. Then we both went over to Salvadore's house to talk.

Salvadore needs an engine for his car. A proposal was made to buy Salvadore an engine, and in exchange he would prepare MsTioga for painting and then do the paint job himself. Salvadore agreed, and by noon was busy working on MsTioga's paint job! Price, $6,000 pesos [$550US] for the labor, Jorge buys the material.

Salvadore has six years experience working at finishing and painting vehicles, and we have a great deal of confidence in him. Salvadore is 30 years old, single and lives about 100 yards from Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
Salvadore mixing up Bondo.

Working on the fender.


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