Thursday, March 29, 2007

6AM - Six weeks at Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
What a fantastic time we have had at Jose's Fiberglass Shop here in the City of Constitución. Wow! There have been some tough challenges during these six weeks!

My Mom gave me a tiny plaque that hangs on the wall in MsTioga's kitchen. I've let the words of advice written there guide me a whole lot during these six weeks.
Mom's advice.

8AM - Finishing up.
This morning I've re-installed all the exterior cabinet doors that Gaspar painted yesterday. Next comes re-installing the rear clearance lights. And then the final inspection of MsTioga to make sure that The Team is ready to be on-the-road-again.

We are alone at Jose's Fiberglass Shop this morning. Jose is driving his sister-in-law to the airport in La Paz, but has promised to drop by to say "Goodbye" on his way out of Constitución.

11AM - Heading out to the Port of San Carlos.
MsTioga is all put back together again. Now we are going to visit our friend, Julian Nava the fisherman at his home in San Carlos.

Before and After pics.
Many readers have sent email asking MsTioga for before and after pics for comparison. MsTioga has picked out a before pic. It is a shot of MsTioga and George in the City of Benecia, California [February, 2004]. Little Mavicito promised to take an after pic today showing the same view angle of MsTioga as in 2004.

Benicia, California February, 2004.

West of Constitución, Mexico, today.

1PM - Javier the fisherman.
When I arrived at Javier's home, he was in the middle of constructing a mailbox. Javier was strangely quiet, and hardly talked to me. His grandson Hugo went over to take a look at the "new" MsTioga.
Hugo and MsTioga.

Javier and Hugo building the mailbox.

I wanted to say "Hi" to Carolina [Hugo's grandmom], and Hugo said that she was sleeping. Two hours later, Carolina was still sleeping and her husband Javier was still not talking to me much. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had arrived in the middle of a family squabble! Hmmmmmm?

3PM - Heading back to Constitución.
I made some lame excuse about having to go back to Constitución and said goodbye to Javier and Hugo. It just is not comfortable for me to stay at Javier's under these circumstances.


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