Saturday, March 24, 2007

6AM - Thinking about painted stripes.
All during the evening and into the nite, Jorge and MsTioga have been wondering about the painted stripes. How high should the stripes be?

Jorge tends to lean toward the conservative side, and wanted the painted stripe above the fringe to be 3" high. However, MsTioga is the bold one, and she wants a GIANT 6" painted stripe! So it was decided that the bottom stripe would be 6" high, and the top stripes, 3".

In the pic below, Little Mavicito shows you where the GIANT 6" bottom stripe begins. It starts out as an arrow with its point just above the curve in MsTioga's fender.
The 6" stripe begins above the fender.

9AM - Masking for the brown stripe.
Now begins the time to paint the brown stripe which separates the bottom of the fringe from the top color. This brown stripe continues all the around MsTioga's three sides.
Masking for the arrow part of the brown stripe.

11AM - Masking for painting takes a long time.
Newspapers are used to protect MsTioga from the paint spray. Masking and taping the papers in place is very labor intensive.
Jose attaching the papers.

Gaspar running the masking tape.

2PM - Brown stripe painted!
In the pic below, is the arrow portion of the brown stripe. The masking above has been removed. However the masking below will not be removed until the painting is complete!

Wow! I sure would like to see under the brown stripe to see how it fits with the bottom color!
Brown stripe showing arrow.

4PM - Painting the upper brown stripes.
Late in the afternoon, the masking prep for the upper stripes was completed and they were painted brown to match the lower stripes.

While talking with Gaspar [our painter], I learned that he will be competing in a long distance bicycle race tomorrow in La Paz. No painting will be done tomorrow [Sunday].

I just could not wait until Monday to see what was underneath the bottom masking! So I took off the mask covering MsTioga's front door! Do you like MsTioga's brown arrow stripe?


Nite Camp at Jose's Fiberglass Shop