Monday, March 19, 2007

6AM - Tioga Team's Project, Part #1.
Our project to renew and re-enginer MsTioga has several parts. Mr. Sunny's solar electric system is one of those parts.

Mr. Sunny's project goal is to provide enough solar electric power and battery storage to operate on a 24-hour basis using no generator. MsTioga initiated Mr. Sunny's project when at a Team Meeting several months, she revealed her desire to be able to Camp out in the wilds with all of her lights on at nite.

MsTioga said that she wanted to be a "beacon of direction" for other RVs to follow. By shining bright with her lites at nite, other RVs will ask, "How is that RV able to have all of its lites on at nite and no generator?"

"That must be the fabulous MsTioga! She has a zillion watts of solar power!
[To be continued.]

2PM - Sanding out imperfections.
After the primer coat, sanding with 320 grit cloth and water uncovers imperfections in the surface. When these imperfections [holes] are very shallow, sanding removes them. Deeper holes requires a coat of "plaste" [nitrocelluose putty]. Then additional sanding and repriming.

Paint prep is a very labor-intensive job. No wonder it costs sooooo much in the USA to paint an RV!
Jose sanding with 320 grit and water.

4PM - Skid plate protecting MsTioga's rear panel skirt.
Our project includes correcting an engineering flaw which allowed the bottom rear of the panel skirt to contact the ground. A skid plate made of wood has been installed to prevent this from happening.. The skid plate extends about 1/2" below the skirt.
Skid plate.

5PM - Cabover getting plasti.
MsTioga's cabover is almost ready for a primer finish. Salvadore has worked only on the front of the cabover today. Salvadore has a good eye for knowing when a surface is flat.
Jose looks while Salvadore applies plaste.


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