Sunday, March 18, 2007

6AM - Worrying about stuff.
Much of the email that I receive is about concerns for things that I am doing and about trusting people.
  • The fiberglass will crack.
  • Jose may not be using the right fiberglass material.
  • How do you know that Salvadore knows how to do a quality paint job?
  • You are spending a lot of money on an old RV.
Worrying is something that I try hard to avoid. When I look back on my history, I did a lot of worrying. Now I know that every problem finds a solution. When I find myself even thinking about worrying, I just go clean something.

I trust people. Trusting is part of my value system and I aim to assume that others are thinking and doing good things. [Character-Goal #8] The alternative is to NOT trust people, and what? Be suspicious and paranoid? Not for me.

9AM - Señorita Tioga is happy!
Happy because she is getting a lot of attention this morning from Jose and Salvadore who are doing their prep work together. Since our agreement, Jose has been working with Salvadore. Señorita Tioga loves that!

Jose and Salvadore doing paint prep.

5PM - Paint job advancing nicely!
At the end of the day, MsTioga's rear and part of her left side had received the primer coat. Things moved very nicely today, with both Jose and Salvadore working together.

MsTioga is soooooo happy with today's progress.


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