Sunday, March 04, 2007

7AM - Jose and Jorge talk $money$.
When Jose came to his shop, I invited him into MsTioga. We talked about the price for the fiberglass job. Jose asked for $6,500 pesos [$600US] for his labor, and $500 pesos [$46US] for the roof paint.

I had been keeping track of the time Jose spent on the fiberglass job, and it came to 50 hours total. I have been at Jose's shop for almost three weeks, and during that time I've learned what he gets for boat repairs. He charges about $15US/hour. Jose was giving me a BIG price break, maybe because we are now friends?

I agreed to pay Jose $8500 pesos [$775US] instead of the $7,000 pesos that he charged. Even with that "tip" the price for the fiberglass job is incredibly low, don't you agree?

In addition to what I agreed to pay Jose, there are fiberglass materials and supplies that were purchased by me for this job, and these came to $2,950 pesos [$268US]. So, the entire fiberglass job, labor and materials came to $1,043US! Wow!


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