Saturday, March 31, 2007

7AM - Taking care of the new MsTioga.
Yesterday morning while driving into our Camp here on the beach at Ligui, I was not paying close attention and slightly brushed up against some plants growing along the road. Nothing happened, no scratches. However, I am going to have to make some BIG changes in the way that I drive in order to keep from messing up the new paint job.

Reader Ken wrote suggesting the use of "Finish First" to keep MsTioga bright and shiny. MsTioga is interested!
Keeping MsTioga shiny bright!

Reader Phil wrote suggesting that the blocks securing the tilt-solar panel assembly be painted to avoid fiberglass deterioration. We also have to take care of the rust on the hinges!
Unpainted fiberglass.

8AM - How much did the fiberglass and paint jobs cost?
You might be interested in how much was spent for these jobs. We kept track of expenses using Quicken.

The fiberglass job cost $1,212US. Labor came to $775US and material, $437US.

The paint job cost $2,307US. Labor is $1,475 and material, $832.

There is some overlap in expenses between the painting and fiberglass jobs. A lot of prep work for the painting was required to prepare the fiberglass. I cannot break out that fiberglass prep work, but I estimate that the paint job would have about 1/2 the labor if no fiberglass work had been done.

11:30AM - Answering email.
We love to receive email. I fell a bit behind replying during the last few days of painting MsTioga. We are in a gorgeous place to do email. The pic below is the view from MsTioga's rear window.
View from our computer station.

3PM - MsTioga Magazine story about Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
I just published a story for MsTioga Magazine about Jose's Fiberglass Shop. Maybe
you need a fiberglass roof? Perhaps you would like to replace all of your aluminum
molding, as did MsTioga? Maybe you want a three color paint job?
"Fiberglass & Paint Jobs in Mexico"[link]


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