Tuesday, March 06, 2007

7AM to 4PM - Fiberglass job, the final day!
Today everything gets completed. There are lots of things on the list too. The major job is the removal and fiberglassing of MsTioga's three cabover windows!
Salvador and Johnny working on the windows.

Everything in MsTioga's cabover cabinet had to be removed. So MsTioga is a mess inside!
Looking at MsTioga's cabover cabinet.

Fiberglassing in the window openings.

One of the neat things that is being done, is to fiberglass the plastic fender skirt so that the skirt appears to be one piece with the outer wall.
Jose fiberglasses the fender to the wall.

MsTioga received a great deal of water damage due to a manufacturing defect where her five clearance lights were not properly sealed allowing rain water to enter. Jorge repaired some of this damage in 2003. In the pic below, Jose is putting fiberglass squares over screws that are re-attaching dropped fiberglass to the floor above.
Fiberglassing over screwheads.


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