Saturday, March 03, 2007

7AM to 4PM - Fiberglassing front-bottom panels.
It is a LOT of work preparing the bottom panel and door openings. Much rust needs to be removed from the tubing that forms the bottom panel and the perimeter of the door.

In the pic below, Jorge is cleaning the rust with his rotary grinder.
Grinding the rusty tubes.

Jose found this part of the fiberglassing job much more difficult than the others. Fitting the fiberglass into the door opening was hard.

In the pic below, Jose brushes on the resin to the fiberglass. There are two layers of fiberglass around the doors.
Brushing resin on the fiberglass.

The pic below shows one of the trickier parts of MsTioga's fiberglass job. Fitting the fiberglass around the door opening. It is difficult applying fiberglass to an upper surface.
Jose fiberglasses a door opening.

Jose wears no gloves while fiberglassing.
Many readers have emailed concerned that Jose wears no protection from the fiberglass and resin. I've asked Jose why he wears no rubber gloves, and he told me that the gloves would get hard from the resin in about ten minutes, and would have to be replaced. Jose did not seem concerned about health hazards.


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