Thursday, March 08, 2007

8AM - Jorge's first fiberglass project.
The pic below is a fiberglass cover for the electric junction box on MsTioga's roof.
Jose the fiberglass guy laughed when he first saw my cover.

This cover [shown upside down], when finished will look a lot better than it does now. I will sand the fiberglass hanging down, add fiberglass to the corners, and it will look a lot cleaner.
Jorge's fiberglass cover.

5PM - Salvadore is doing a great job preparing MsTioga for painting.
It is hard work sanding down the bondo all day long. And Salvadore kept at it. He is working a section at a time, adding bondo, sanding it down. Adding bondo again. Sanding. There is a lot to this preparation.

Salvadore adding the finish bondo.

5:30PM - Mr. Datastorm is back! Almost!
Jorge, Ms. GQ and Mr. Datastorm have been working part of the morning and all of the afternoon trying to get Mr. Datastorm commissioned on his new satellite. Finally, late in the afternoon we did it.

Thank you to friend and Datastorm dealer Steve O'Bosky who helped with emailed instructions. Jorge had to follow these instruction about 30 times, before he got things right.

However, now the Hughes 6000 modem is asking for a number to register, and we have no number. So, we are back at the Internet Cafe.


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