Wednesday, March 28, 2007

9AM - MsTioga's graphics!
Would you like to see MsTioga's new graphics? Hmmmmm? We just applied one of them to show you. Wow! This is sooooooo exciting!
MsTioga and George.

12 Noon - Ruined one graphic.
Three of the graphics went on great, no trouble. One stuck down wrong, and another had to be bought. Cost for one new graphic, $80 pesos [$7.25US]. Wow!
The big one.

3PM - One last change in the paint job.
This morning we decided to make a painting change. The aluminum frames of all the exterior compartment door are unpainted, and it was decided to paint them all.

Gaspar has been working on painting these little door frames all thru the morning, and just finished this job.

Exterior door with painted frame.

4PM - The lights and the doors.
During the day I have been reinstalling the stuff removed from MsTioga for the paint job. The ladder, door hardware, etc. Still left to do are some clearance lights and the exterior compartment doors.
Re-installing a clearance light.

6:30PM - Jose's and Gaspar's families come to see MsTioga!
As I was installing the water heater and furnace doors, Gaspar's family [wife and four children] walked up to see the newly painted MsTioga! A few minutes later, Jose drove up with his wife! Man-O-Man!! MsTioga is an attraction!


Nite Camp at Jose's Fiberglass Shop