Saturday, March 17, 2007

9AM - The Paint Job Chapter 3.
Yesterday, The Paint Job came to a screeching halt when Salvadore hardly worked all day. Salvadore had been working less each day this week, and something had to be done. That was a very sad decision, as you might imagine because now I would have to find another painter to complete the job.

This morning when Jose the fiberglass guy came to work, he offered to take over the paint job. Can you imagine that? Hmmmmm?

So, I made an agreement with Jose, that if he would be able to complete the entire paint job by next Saturday [March 24th], that I would pay him $12,000 pesos [$1,100US]. From this amount, Jose will pay Salvadore what is due him.
Jose working on MsTioga's paint job.

1PM - Readers worry about tilting solar panels.
Quite a few emails have been received about Mr. Sunny's new tilting solar panel assembly. One theme runs thru these emails, and that is that the assembly is too weak and that we will lose our panels from wind as MsTioga drives down the highway [see Readers Write column].

I have done tests with the panels in their flat position, to try and lift them up using all of my strength. Those panels do not move! When they are "locked-down" for traveling, they are rock-solid.

5PM - Mr. Datastorm has another very scary moment!
We tried to go online at 5PM, and got the same error code [TX18] that we got when our modem went bad last week. Wow! That was a bad thing to have to endure!!

The cables were checked, and rechecked. We tried everything that had worked in the past, and there is a bunch of stuff to try with a Datastorm system. Finally we tried a configuration called "Isolation None" and that got us online.

Getting online is a very important thing for Mr. Datastorm, and especially me. Because I do not want to have to return to going to the Internet Cafe to publish the blog and web pages! I went all the way on a bus to Tijuana and back so that I would not have to go to that Internet Cafe anymore!


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