Friday, March 02, 2007

Just after sunrise - Testing Mr. Sunny's tilt-up panels.
As the sun rose over Ciudad Constitucióm, Mr. Sunny was able to test his new tilt-up panel system for the very first time! And wow! What a surprise we received.

With the panels flat on the roof, Mr. Sunny produced a meager 1/2 amp. But when the panels were raised, 13 amps were produced! Wow! Mr. Sunny says that he usually is not able to produce 13 amps until 10AM.
Mr. Sunny's panels working great!

10AM - Jose works like crazy on MsTioga's fiberglass.
This morning, Jose began to work on the fiberglass. And by the time he finished working at 4PM, the entire rear of the fiberglass job was complete!

It is really interesting to watch the fiberglass process. First the width is measured. Today, much of the fiberglass work was at the bottom of MsTioga's panels, so Jose was on the ground a lot.
Measuring the fiberglass width.

Then the fiberglass is cut to the measured width.
Cutting fiberglass.

Little Mavicito did not take a pic of Jose spreading the resin on the fiberglass which really interesting. He apologized about that and will take a pic tomorrow, OK?

Next, the resin drenched fiberglass is applied. It is really tricky too. Jorge has done this a few times, and appreciates Jose's talent at this stuff. It is especially difficult applying fiberglass to the bottom of something, as Jose is doing in the pic below.
Jose applying the fiberglass.

MsTioga's new look!
Do you remember how MsTioga used to look before the fiberglass job? Hmmmmm? The pic above shows one of the major changes.

MsTioga used to have sharp corners. Do you see the nice rounded corners that she has now? Also, aluminum molding used to cover the panel edges. Now MsTioga has smooth and rounded edges and the horrid molding is gone forever!


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