Friday, March 09, 2007

Mr. Datastorm's dilemma.
As you may know, Mr. Datastorm changed his satellite about a month ago. However, the new satellite never got working right. Yesterday we thought that we got it working and we were wrong.

We decided that the only way to get Mr. Datastorm working was to buy a Mexican cell phone, and one of those minute cards in order to get support from Motosat, the people who make the Datastorm. During the day we spent more than $80US for the minutes, and still Mr. Datastorm was still not working. You can bet that this was a frustrating experience.

Finally, we found out that when receiving a call, Mexican cell phones get the call for free! So we are getting our Motosat support people to phone us back now. However, we are back in the Internet Cafe again. Mr. Datastorm still has not been able to get back online.

Sometimes you just gotta believe that things like this are happening for a purpose, and try to find out what that purpose is!

4PM - MsTioga's Exterior Memorial.
We have made a memorial to MsTioga's exterior aluminum molding prior to MsTioga's fiberglass job. The three kinds of molding are displayed in the pic below, which includes two of the corner molding.

The plaque at the rear was removed from MsTioga's exterior as well, and is from the RV dealer that sold us MsTioga.

Exterior Memorial.

5PM - Progress on Salvadore's painting prep.
Salvadore had to spend some time at the hospital this morning with his daughter who is sick. Salvadore says that his daughter will be fine.

In the pics below, you may see the progress being made in the painting prep. The black colored surface is the last coat, a very fine product that is sanded emery cloth and water. This makes a great base for the paint and is soooooooo smooth.

Painting preparation.

6PM - Jose working on his friend Johnny's boat.
In the pic below, Johnny and Johnny's son watch as Jose puts a coat of his secret stuff to the bottom of Johnny's fishing boat. Then the boat will be painted white.

Watching Jose work.


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