Monday, March 05, 2007

So much has happened since going south from Santa Rosalia!
When MsTioga and The Team left Santa Rosalia last month, our plan was to head south and visit with our friends Julian Nava the fisherman and Gumaro Gonzalez the rancher. MsTioga had been planning on having some work done, but we were not completely sure what that work would be. We had no clue of the wonderful adventure that awaited us at Jose Romero's Fiberglass Shop in the City of Constitución.

Mr. Datastorm outruns his satellite

A little north of the City of Constitución, Mr. Datastorm found that he had reached the limit of his satellite, and could not go online anymore. The satellite footprint map showed that we could be online here, but those maps sometimes are inaccurate.

We made plans to change over to a new satellite, and when we went to do this change, our computer system and Mr. Datastorm's software crashed! That was almost a month ago, and we have not been able to fix that problem yet. However, we have been able to go online at an Internet Cafe here in the City of Constitución.
Jorge always sits at this table at the Internet Cafe.

Our missing phone is stolen!
Just about this time, we found out by looking at our online phone bill, that somebody was using our phone illegally. The phone was assumed only mislaid inside MsTioga. It is weird how the missing phone played into the Datastorm problems, because without that phone we cannot sit in front of our computer system and receive help from the Datastorm/Motosat support people.

Jose the fiberglass guy.
When we met Jose the fiberglass guy, we figured that our work at his shop would only take a few days. But then we began to expand the job which soon included a new fiberglass roof.

Jose is only a one-man shop, and is not able to drop everything to work on MsTioga. However, we found that there was so much preparation work that needed to be done, and only Jorge would be able to do this prep work. We found ourselves glad that we had time to do all of the prep work.

Now it is three weeks later, and the fiberglass work is almost complete. MsTioga is looking gorgeous, even with all of her fiberglass repairs showing. We can only imagine how good MsTioga will look with her new paint job that will be coming soon.


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