Monday, April 30, 2007

9:30AM - Fleetwood Tioga plant tour begins in 30 minutes!
We are sooooooo excited about going on our tour of the Fleetwood's Class-C plant tour this morning.

After phoning Fleetwood a little while ago, we were told that George is the only person scheduled to go on this tour. A private tour!! Wow!
5300 Via Ricardo, where the Fleetwood tour begins.

12 Noon - The most amazing thing about our Fleetwood tour!
The thing that really impressed me most about the tour of the Class-C plant concerned the height of the floor.

Tiogas are now built with about the same floor height as the Class-A RVs. This means that Class-Cs now have super large outside storage. It also means that Class-Cs are way up in the air. This is an amazing surprise.

Another impressive thing is, that from the time a chassis enters the plant to the time that it emerges as a finished RV, only 4.5 days have elapsed!

12:30PM - Fleetwood loves MsTioga's fiberglass job!
Greg was our guide thru the Tioga plant. Greg loved MsTioga's fiberglass job! He said that he was going to talk to his manager about what he liked about our fiberglass.

Greg is responsible for quality control and dealer relations, and has worked at Fleetwood for over 26 years.

2:30PM - Where do you find fresh water?
Readers sometimes wonder where we find water to fill our fresh water tank. This afternoon we needed to fill up on propane, and asked the fellow doing the filling if there was a hose bibb that we could use for water? And he said, "Yes!"
Filling up MsTioga's fresh water tank.

3PM - Nite Camp in Hesperia.
The Town of Hesperia is a desert community. We've traveled 42 miles today, close to our target and are stopping here in Hesperia for the nite.

There is a fast food place nearby, and we can smell what must be onion rings frying. Driving us crazy!

6PM - Reader Rich drops by.
We were very happy to hear a knock on MsTioga's door this afternoon. It was Rich, a reader of our blog!!

Rich has been RVing for many years, and told of his travels in the State of Colorado. His stories make Colorado sound like a great place to go. MsTioga and The Team have never gone into Colorado before. We did come close to Colorado last year, when we traveled on the eastern side of Utah.
Reader Rich.


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

7AM - Fleetwood Tioga plant tour.
This morning we received a voicemail message that confirmed our request for a plant tour of the Tioga assembly plant! The tour is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday morning.

Little Mavicito took the pics below on our morning walk.

Part of Tioga assembly line.

10AM - Day Camped near the Mission Inn.
MsTioga has made a Camp a short distance from the Mission Inn. Nephew Steve's wedding begins at the Mission Inn at 3:30PM this afternoon.

Across the street from the Mission Inn, is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, one of our favorite people. Little Mavicito just had to show you pics from this Gandhi site.
Mahatma Gandhi.

Albert Einstein quote about Gandhi.

9:30PM - Best wedding ever!
I've just gotten back from the best wedding that I've ever gone to. Wow!

There were three bands. First a 40s music band. Then a swing band. And finally a rock-n-roll band. The food was wonderful. The wedding cake was huge and all chocolate.

And the bride [my new niece Lisa] and groom [nephew Steve] were sooooooo very happy. A fantastic thing!!
Steve and Lisa.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake!

I had a wonderful visit with my son, David. But I forgot to take pics of him to show you!! Darn!


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

9AM - Day Camped near the Mission Inn.
We have made a Day Camp near the Mission Inn, where my Nephew Steve will be married tomorrow afternoon. MsTioga cruised passed the Inn to take a peek. The Mission Inn is a gorgeous place, very plush looking. Nice place for a wedding!

Our Day Camp is very close to a train yard. Freight trains pulled by Burlington-Northern and Union Pacific locomotives noisly clank by every so often. The Metrolink passenger train also uses these tracks. We will likely make our Nite Camp in a more quiet place.
MsTioga in Riverside, California.

4PM - Nite Camped near the Fleetwood plant.
MsTioga is Nite Camped near the giant Fleetwood plant. MsTioga says that she was born here!

We have tried to reserve admission to a plant tour of the Tioga plant this coming Monday. However, that reservation was not confirmed. We may return here on Monday and try to go on this plant tour.

In past years, we have toured the Fleetwood Class A plant, Lazy Daze and Monoco in Oregon.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

6AM - How is the new fiberglass doing?
Have you been wondering about how the new fiberglass is holding out? You may remember that tons of reader predicted that the fiberglass would not flex properly, and would crack.

So far we have not seen even one crack anywhere. When Jose the fiberglass guy applied the fiberglass, he put three layers on. Jose commented many times that this is how the pangas [small fishing boats] are built. The pangas go for decades on the water and do not crack.

9AM - Breakfast Camped in the Town of Nuevo.
The Team seems to likes to be in less populated places. That is how we came to make this Camp in an agricultural area. We are meandering slowly toward the City of Riverside, where we will attend the wedding of Nephew Steve on Sunday.
George looks at the mountains to the north.

3PM - Camped in the Town of Perris.
Got a haircut so that I will look decent for Steve's wedding on Sunday. Only cost $5 !!

Shopped at the Food-4-Less market, one of my favorites!


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

6:30AM - Camped at The Wal*Mart.
MsTioga has decided to "test" making a Camp at The Wal*Mart here in the City of Hemet. So, Mr. Datastorm has put up his antenna, and then see what happens!

MsTioga needs some outside cleaning, and the plan is to do some of that cleaning here at The Wal*Mart.
MsTioga at The Wal*Mart.

4PM - A new header pic for the Blog?
We have been messing around with a new header pic for the Blog. This new pic has been suggested by many readers. It's hard to replace the current header pic, because the view from our garden in Santa Rosalia is sooooooo gorgeous.

The pic below was taken in a park here in the City of Hemet.
First try at new header pic.


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6:30AM - The campground is almost empty.
This National Forest campground where we have stayed the nite, has maybe 80 spaces. There are only six spaces filled, and two of those are camp hosts.

The campground is very well maintained. Yesterday, about a dozen State of California women prisoners came to clean up the plants that grow along the campground roads. The piles of their cuttings now lay here and there waiting for pickup.

It is very quiet at our Camp. A family biked past our site yesterday evening, and that is all that we have seen since we have arrived here yesterday.

7:30AM - Moving only 30-40 miles each day.
You may have noticed that we are not moving very far each day. With gasoline lately at $3.30/gallon, we have to be careful. Our last tank of gasoline cost over $90, the most ever paid for a tank of gas since we began our journey in February, 2003.

The price per gallon is not of overall importance to MsTioga and The Team. What is important is how much we spend each month. If we go over $500 per month for gasoline, we will be heading for trouble!

1PM - Camped in the City of Hemet.
When we crossed the Riverside County boundary, a sign read, "No RV parking in the County of Riverside at any time." Not a very happy sign to read!

We have made our Camp in Hemet, in an area where there are a bunch of big rig trucks parked. Perhaps we will be safe in this place?
MsTioga tucked in with the big rigs!

5:30PM - MsTioga and The Team have visitors!
Guess what happened? Two families came to visit MsTioga and The Team!!

We talked for awhile inside MsTioga, and then all of us went out for supper together. Isn't that the greatest thing?!
[L-R] Carol, Noah, Nick, Ethan, George, Royal and Barbara.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

6AM - "Don't you miss having a home?"
Reader Warren lives in England, and wrote an email wondering about me not having a home. Warren wrote: "I could not do what you do, because I would miss my home. How do you do it? Don't you miss seeing familiar places when you look out your windows?"

Hi Warren,
Thank you sooooo much for writing! When I am inside MsTioga, I feel completely at home. Everything inside MsTioga is familiar. The difference between your home and mine, is that the scenary looking out my windows changes. However, no matter where I travel, I am always at home inside MsTioga.

6:30AM - A trail over the hill.
Yesterday while exploring the hill to the east, we found a gate marked, "Please close gate." We were curious. This morning, Little Mavicito and George decided to follow the trail thru the gate.

We walked over the hill, and found a monument to a Spanish soldier who had come thru here over 200 years ago. Then we followed the trail across the road and up the hills west of our Camp.
Little Mavicito looks at the trail.

Colonel Pedro Fages monument.

Do you see MsTioga waiting for us to return?

10:30AM - Julian is pie town.
We are in the Town of Julian, famous for their pies. Three companies here are solely devoted to baking and selling pies.

This morning we are at Mom's Pie House.
MsTioga and The Team in the Town of Julian.

How could we resist apple pie with crumb topping?

1PM - Camped in the Cleveland National Forest.
We have made a Camp in the Oak Grove campground in the Cleveland National Forest. MsTioga asked, "George, are you paying for a campsite?" George replied, "Yes! However it is only $5, and this is NOT an RV campground."

MsTioga thought about this for a moment and was heard to comment, "Hmmmmmmm!"
George wonders about the BBQ at our campsite.


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