Wednesday, April 11, 2007

10AM - Camped at RV Specialists waiting for UPS to arrive.
We found out thru trial-and-error, that Mr. Datastorm's skew drive is the problem with us not being able to go online. Just a few minutes ago, the UPS delivery brought our package with the replacement drive.

10:30AM - Installing the skew drive.
Our friend John drove up to see how we were doing, and went up on MsTioga's roof to help with installing the new skew drive.

As soon as we began to connect the wires, it was clear that one wire was missing! Mark Cooley, owner of RV Specialists, climbed up to take a peek at the problem. Mark found the missing wire went into one of the cables. Apparently this broken wire had caused all of the problems.

Wow! As soon as all the wires were connected to the skew drive motor, the Datastorm was tested and is now working great again!
Friend John watches Mr. Datastorm do his testing.

3PM - Readers write about Mr. Datastorm's problems.
I have received a lot of email wondering about Mr. Datastorm's recent problems. It is my experience, that most users of the Datastorm system do not have as many problems with their system as I have had recently, during the passed few months.

I will tell you that regardless of these problems, I would NOT be without my Datastorm satellite internet system. The support department at Motosat has always been there for me to resolve stuff. And although there was a little glitch this time in figuring out what was wrong, it all did turn out well.

4:30PM - America makes great burgers!
We do make great burgers! I've missed America's burgers. And Carl's Jr. makes a wonderful flame broiled burger. I ordered a combo with a cheeseburger, fries and a root beer. Yummm!
George at Carl's Jr.

5:30PM - Nite Camped near Miramar Marine Corps Air Station.
We have always liked to see fighter planes in the air. There are tons of fighter jets screaming off into the sky here at Miramar. Very exciting!

MsTioga is Nite Camped in an industrial neighborhood, next to a vacant lot.

Miramar Nite Camp.


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