Friday, April 06, 2007

5:30AM - Heading north this morning.
Everybody on The Team is up early. This morning we will be heading north toward the USA. We are very excited about heading out. Wow! And still, we wanted to watch the Sun come up for the last time over our home in Santa Rosalia.

6AM - Two RVs at Hill Camp.
Did you see yesterday's pic of the two RVs at Hill Camp? Our friend Michel the Photographer arrived yesterday in his brand new expedition vehicle. MsTioga met Fuso-Santek for the first time.

Yesterday evening, Jorge and Michel ate a very nice supper at Terko's El Pollito. Afterwards they found an ice cream shop for dessert!

9AM - Michel heads south. We helped Michel repair hinges in the access doors of his new camper. The screws securing the hinges were breaking off. Probably a quality problem with the screws. MsTioga had a bunch of the same size screws, and we helped remove the bad ones and install the new ones. Then we said goodbye to our friend Michel the Photographer, and he left heading south.

9:30AM - Goodbye to Chito, Alty and Lassie.
Now is the time for goodbyes! First we said goodbye to our friend Lassie the dog. We are very close with Lassie. Do you remember when we saved Lassie's life when he was terribly sick?

Both Chito and Alty are at work now, so we drove over to where they work and said goodbye. Chito works at the Alba Grocery, and Alty works at the Morro Hotel.

We promised them both that we would return again next November.

Lassie and George say goodbye.

12 Noon - Anywhere is home.
We stopped at a highway pullout in the desert about an hour north of Santa Rosalia and made breakfast. We feel at home here.

The poet, Edgar Guest wrote, "It takes a heap of living to make a house a home." We are in our fifth year living inside MsTioga. Anywhere that we go, when we are inside MsTioga, we are home.

Jorge at home in the desert.

4:30PM - Nite Camped in Villa Jesus Maria.
We were headed for the two palapas at Tomatal. However the sky became foggy and the wind kicked up. So we decided that maybe camping near the ocean would not be good.

We made a Camp behind the Pemex in Villa Jesus Maria. MsTioga is behind a steel building, which is protecting against the winds. A roast beast is now in the oven and should be ready about 8PM. Yummmmm!
Nite Camped in the Pueblo of Villa Jesus Maria.

7PM - Rolled passed 99999.99
Sometime during our trip today, MsTioga's oddometer quietly rolled passed 99999.99. For an instant of time, MsTioga had no miles.

MsTioga was brand new in 1991, and now is only 16 years old.


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