Wednesday, April 04, 2007

5AM - Michel the Photographer.
Have you been following the journey of our friend, Michel the Photographer? Just a few days ago, Michel took possesion of his new Camper, a made-to-order expedition vehicle. Michel entered Mexico yesterday driving his new Camper.

MsTioga and The Team have made plans to meet with Michel. We will get to visit with our friend Michel, AND receive a personal tour of his brand new "Fuso-Santek" Camper.

Man-O-Man! This will be soooooooooo exciting!

5:30AM - Fixing up MsTioga's mine mural painting.
Early this morning, Martín Real, the artist who painted our wonderful mine mural will drive up to Hill Camp to paint a new border around our mine mural painting.

As you may remember, the original blended-in border was removed during the paint job at Jose's Fiberglass Shop. As soon as this border repair is completed, MsTioga and The Team will head north toward the USA!

6:30AM - Doing things on MsTioga's roof.
We are up on the roof sealing holes and painting the unpainted fiberglass. We are up here very early, because the Sun has been very intense during the day.

The last things that were fiberglassed to the roof, were the mounting blocks for the solar panel tilt-up assembly. That is what is being painted this morning.
Painting the mounting blocks.

11AM - Martín the painter did not show up.
I spoke on the phone with Martín at 7:30am, and he promised to be here at Hill Camp at 9:30am. It is now 11am, and no sign of Martín. MsTioga is anxious to be heading north, and so am I.

3PM - Mr. Datastorm is broken!
Just after I made the 11am post above, I made preparations to leave Hill Camp and pushed Mr. Datastorm's stow button. While I was on the roof lowering the solar panels, I noticed that Mr. Datastorm had stalled. Wow! This is VERY unusual.

The tech support people at Motosat confirmed [on the phone] that Mr. Datastorm had a bad "upper control board". He was broken! A new upper control board was ordered, and is being shipped to our Datastorm dealer in San Diego.

However, I am ONLINE right now with Mr. Datastorm! How could this be??

4PM - Tioga and George's Guardian Angel.
When I wrote my 11am post and prepared to leave Hill Camp, our Guardian Angel was not happy. Immediately the Datastorm broke, and we stopped everything to try and fix it.

In the meantime, Martín Real the painter showed up. We take this as a sign that our Guardian Angel wanted Martín to re-paint our mine mural. Doesn't this sound logical to you?

Do you believe in miracles? Are these things mere coincidence? Or is something else going on here. I choose to believe in the "something else" idea.

Oh yes, I am typing this post using the broken Mr. Datastorm. How could this be? Well, after all the above took place, I decided to take a nap. What else can a person do when things like this happen? When I woke up from the nap, I decided to try to go online manually. Very difficult. And guess what?! I am online again.

I guess I am in tune with my Guardian Angel now.

6PM - What a day this has been!
So many strange things have happened today. In addition to all of the things written about before, here is what has happened this afternoon:
  • Martín the artist went off to buy paint at 2PM, and did not return.
  • I am almost out of propane. Did not buy propane today because of waiting all day for Martín.
  • My computer anti-virus software found a Trojan Horse virus in one of my favorite pieces of software used for changing images. When I tried to reinstall, the program would not run.
  • Michel the Photographer has not contacted me by email to let me know where he is.
I decided to go up on the roof and complete the paint job of the unpainted fiberglass. So that is all finished now. That made me hungry, so I made a nice HUGE beef taco with cheese, onions and homemade salsa. Yummmmm!

8PM - Michel the Photographer in El Tomatal.
Just received an email from Michel. He and his new Camper have arrived safely in El Tomatal [north of Guerrero Negro]. He may be able to travel all the way to Santa Rosalia tomorrow, so we will wait here for him to arrive.

Of course everybody on The Team is sooooooo anxious to get a tour of Michel's new expedition vehicle, The Fuso-Santek.


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