Thursday, April 12, 2007

5AM - MsTioga's transmission fluid.
We are returning to RV Specialists to have MsTioga's transmission fluid changed.

MsTioga wanted to know, "Why didn't we get my tranny fluid changed while we were waiting for the Datastorm parts to arrive?"

The answer is, George forgot to look at the "Things To Do" list! Also MsTioga needs her engine oil changed and her rear brakes need to be checked.

MsTioga reminded, "Don't forget to change my tranny's inline filter, OK?"

2PM - MsTioga in the shop.
MsTioga now has had a bunch of work done:
  • Transmission fluid changed including draining torque converter. Replaced inside tranny and inline filters.
  • Torsion-sway bar rubber and plastic bushings replaced.
  • Engine oil drained and refilled, new filter installed.
  • Replace crank case filter, clean air and KV filter.
  • Service cooling system. Radiator flushed and refilled with new coolant. Replaced radiator hoses. Replace thermostat and gasket.
  • Check all other fluids, look over everything to find things that need repair.
Cost of the avove work: $1,032.

MsTioga on the lift.

4PM - Invited to friends John and Mimi's home.
We first met John and Mimi during 2003, our first year fulltiming. And we have been visiting them every year since then. They are good friends!

We have been invited to their home today to share stories and for supper!
John and Mimi.

The table before supper.


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