Tuesday, April 03, 2007

5AM - Returning to Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia.
This morning at dawn, MsTioga and the team will head north for Santa Rosalia. It has been almost two months since we left our hometown in Mexico. Wow! A lot of good things have happened since then.

One of the first things that MsTioga wants to do upon arriving, is to see if Martin Real [the artist who painted our mine mural], will agree to retouch the mural. Salvadore our first painter [at Jose's Fiberglass Shop] sort of changed the outer edge. MsTioga would like it to look like it did before.
Martin and the mural, February, 2005.

8AM - Martin Real the artist.
We arrived in Santa Rosalia, and went to the home of the artist, Martin Real. An agreement was made to fix up MsTioga's mural early tomorrow morning.

9:30AM - Back at Hill Camp.
After shopping for groceries at Super Mercado Cachania, we returned to Hill Camp. MsTioga is Camped next to the garden. And the garden looks to be in fine shape!
MsTioga at Hill Camp.

12:30PM - The missing cell phone.
I was not planning on posting anymore about my cell phone which disappeared from MsTioga sometime during early February. However, quite a few emails have been received from readers offering advice or wondering what I was going to do.

I have printed out the T-Mobile bill which includes a list of the phone numbers called using my cell phone. I plan to to talk to the mother of the person who I believe took my phone and give her this bill.

That is all that I will do. I do not believe that it is in my best interests to do anything more concerning this matter.

5PM - Driving with a new paint job.
Before MsTioga's new paint job, we would bravely go just about anywhere. In a forest, we would plunge down a road that was very narrow with bushes growing on both sides. The unpainted fiberglass was not bothered by the scratching of bushes.

Now with the new paint, we are much more cautious. The paint is still curing. But when it is cured, how hard will it be? Will bushes scratch the new paint?

Perhaps the new paint job will change the adventuresome way that we explore?


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