Thursday, April 26, 2007

6:30AM - Camped at The Wal*Mart.
MsTioga has decided to "test" making a Camp at The Wal*Mart here in the City of Hemet. So, Mr. Datastorm has put up his antenna, and then see what happens!

MsTioga needs some outside cleaning, and the plan is to do some of that cleaning here at The Wal*Mart.
MsTioga at The Wal*Mart.

4PM - A new header pic for the Blog?
We have been messing around with a new header pic for the Blog. This new pic has been suggested by many readers. It's hard to replace the current header pic, because the view from our garden in Santa Rosalia is sooooooo gorgeous.

The pic below was taken in a park here in the City of Hemet.
First try at new header pic.


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