Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6:30AM - The campground is almost empty.
This National Forest campground where we have stayed the nite, has maybe 80 spaces. There are only six spaces filled, and two of those are camp hosts.

The campground is very well maintained. Yesterday, about a dozen State of California women prisoners came to clean up the plants that grow along the campground roads. The piles of their cuttings now lay here and there waiting for pickup.

It is very quiet at our Camp. A family biked past our site yesterday evening, and that is all that we have seen since we have arrived here yesterday.

7:30AM - Moving only 30-40 miles each day.
You may have noticed that we are not moving very far each day. With gasoline lately at $3.30/gallon, we have to be careful. Our last tank of gasoline cost over $90, the most ever paid for a tank of gas since we began our journey in February, 2003.

The price per gallon is not of overall importance to MsTioga and The Team. What is important is how much we spend each month. If we go over $500 per month for gasoline, we will be heading for trouble!

1PM - Camped in the City of Hemet.
When we crossed the Riverside County boundary, a sign read, "No RV parking in the County of Riverside at any time." Not a very happy sign to read!

We have made our Camp in Hemet, in an area where there are a bunch of big rig trucks parked. Perhaps we will be safe in this place?
MsTioga tucked in with the big rigs!

5:30PM - MsTioga and The Team have visitors!
Guess what happened? Two families came to visit MsTioga and The Team!!

We talked for awhile inside MsTioga, and then all of us went out for supper together. Isn't that the greatest thing?!
[L-R] Carol, Noah, Nick, Ethan, George, Royal and Barbara.


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  1. There are ominous no parking signs on the field side and no commercial over 5 tons on the storage building side so I think it would still work on that side.