Sunday, April 08, 2007

6:30AM - Headed north toward Ensenada.
You may have noticed that MsTioga and Jorge are moving very fast during this trip. We are not comfortable at all when Mr. Datastorm is not working, because we cannot share what we are doing with you. We are very addicted to our sharing! Very important to everybody on The Team!

Below is a pic of our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of El Rosario. Jorge is checking MsTioga's oil, just before pulling out.
Checking oil in El Rosario.

9:30AM - Breakfast at Polita's Restaurant.
Do you remember Polita? She and her daughter own a little restaurant along the highway in the Pueblo of Camalu. On our first trip this far south in the Baja in 2004, we stopped and had breakfast at Polita's. Her daughter loaned me her kid's book so that I could study Spanish!

This morning we stopped for breakfast, and Polita made me machaca and eggs. Boy was it good! Machaca is pulled beef. Really great tasting when it is prepared right.
Polita's Restaurant.

Polita and her machaca and egg breakfast.

11:30AM - Internet Cafes are closed!
We have found several internet cafes in the towns that we passed thru. However, they were all closed. Perhaps it is because it is Sunday? Or maybe it is because of the Easter holiday? Nobody knows. Maybe in Ensenada we will find an internet cafe?

1PM - Downtown Ensenada.
We have found an open Internet Cafe in downtown Ensenada. We started to post and Ms. GQ shut down. There was a problem with the electrical connection !!

This shut down happened twice, and then the fellow who owned the internet cafe opened the electric plug a little and everthing went OK after that! Wow! MsGQ and Jorge were really scared for a few moments!
Jorge and MsGQ at the internet cafe in Ensenada.

3PM - Camping in the City of Ensenada for the nite.
MsTioga and The Team will stay in Ensenada for the nite. Tomorrow morning we will head north for the international border at Tijuana.
Jorge at an ice cream shop in Ensenada.

First thing that we will do in the USA tomorrow will be to make a beeline for Mark Cooley's company, "RV Specialists" in north San Diego. Mark is the Datastorm dealer where Mr. Datastorm's replacement upper control board was shipped. Fortunately, the upper control board is still under warranty, and so all we pay for is the shipping.

As you may imagine, Mr. Datastorm will be soooooooo happy to be working again!


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