Tuesday, April 24, 2007

6AM - "Don't you miss having a home?"
Reader Warren lives in England, and wrote an email wondering about me not having a home. Warren wrote: "I could not do what you do, because I would miss my home. How do you do it? Don't you miss seeing familiar places when you look out your windows?"

Hi Warren,
Thank you sooooo much for writing! When I am inside MsTioga, I feel completely at home. Everything inside MsTioga is familiar. The difference between your home and mine, is that the scenary looking out my windows changes. However, no matter where I travel, I am always at home inside MsTioga.

6:30AM - A trail over the hill.
Yesterday while exploring the hill to the east, we found a gate marked, "Please close gate." We were curious. This morning, Little Mavicito and George decided to follow the trail thru the gate.

We walked over the hill, and found a monument to a Spanish soldier who had come thru here over 200 years ago. Then we followed the trail across the road and up the hills west of our Camp.
Little Mavicito looks at the trail.

Colonel Pedro Fages monument.

Do you see MsTioga waiting for us to return?

10:30AM - Julian is pie town.
We are in the Town of Julian, famous for their pies. Three companies here are solely devoted to baking and selling pies.

This morning we are at Mom's Pie House.
MsTioga and The Team in the Town of Julian.

How could we resist apple pie with crumb topping?

1PM - Camped in the Cleveland National Forest.
We have made a Camp in the Oak Grove campground in the Cleveland National Forest. MsTioga asked, "George, are you paying for a campsite?" George replied, "Yes! However it is only $5, and this is NOT an RV campground."

MsTioga thought about this for a moment and was heard to comment, "Hmmmmmmm!"
George wonders about the BBQ at our campsite.


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  1. The Google Anchor Link is the same as yesterdays! Where is this $5 campground?