Monday, April 09, 2007

6AM - Heading out to Rosarito Beach.
MsTioga needs her catalytic converter installed. Do you remember when we were last in Canada? Somewhere near Kamloops, our recently replaced converter went bad. The converter was replaced by a straight thru pipe. Some months later, we visited the shop where we purchased this converter and got a warranty replacement.

In order to pass the smog test and get MsTioga's 2007 registration, the converter must be installed. We are also looking to rotate all of MsTioga's tires.

9AM - Rosarito Beach.
We found a muffler shop to install the catalytic converter. The owner of this shop is a very talented welder. Very good thing too, because a whole lot of welding had to be done. At the finish of the job, I got to check to see if the muffler was leaking in any of the welded joints, and the job looked great.

Right next door to the muffler shop is a tire shop. All of MsTioga's tires were rotated at this shop.
Catylytic converter installation.

Rotating tires.

10AM - Trying to cross the border is not easy today!
We were driving thru Tijuana, and came to the turn-off to the International Border. Two policemen were redirecting the traffic from this turn-off. We had to continue to the Otay-Mesa border station which is maybe 15 miles east of the San Ysidro crossing where we usually go.

10:30AM to 1:30PM - Going thru the Otay Mesa Border Station.
It took about two hours slowly moving along, inch by inch toward the boarder station. When we got to the station, MsTioga was directed to the inspection station where we spent another hour. Wow!

All of our bacon and eggs were confiscated. Also, our basket of fruit. And a "tojil" plant that I had been nurturing since being in Ciudad Constitucion was confiscated too.

The final inspection was with a drug sniffing dog! Would you believe? After the dog could not find anything, we headed north toward RV Specialists, the Datastorm dealer to pickup Mr. Datastorm's upper control board.

2:30PM - RV Specialists.
We are now at RV Specialists in north San Diego. At first our upper control board could not be found. But then it was located out int the shop.

We were very excited as we installed the new upper control board into Mr. Datastorm's antenna on MsTioga's roof. However, when we went to go online, Mr. Datatstorm failed, exactly the same as when we were in Mexico. Man-O-Man!!

4PM - Motosat is shipping us a new skew drive.
Well, guess what happened? It turned out that the problem may NOT be the upper control board. Motosat now believes that we need a replacement skew drive. So a new skew drive is being shipped to RV Specialists. This drive will arrive sometime Wednesday afternoon.

6:30AM - Could not find an internet cafe.
We looked around this neighborhood, and could not find an internet cafe to do our Blog post. We have decided to type up blog post as a text file, and tomorrow when we are traveling around we will keep our eyes open to find an internet cafe.

We are going to make a Nite Camp here at RV Specialists. We have Camped here before and it is a quiet place to Camp.


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