Friday, April 27, 2007

6AM - How is the new fiberglass doing?
Have you been wondering about how the new fiberglass is holding out? You may remember that tons of reader predicted that the fiberglass would not flex properly, and would crack.

So far we have not seen even one crack anywhere. When Jose the fiberglass guy applied the fiberglass, he put three layers on. Jose commented many times that this is how the pangas [small fishing boats] are built. The pangas go for decades on the water and do not crack.

9AM - Breakfast Camped in the Town of Nuevo.
The Team seems to likes to be in less populated places. That is how we came to make this Camp in an agricultural area. We are meandering slowly toward the City of Riverside, where we will attend the wedding of Nephew Steve on Sunday.
George looks at the mountains to the north.

3PM - Camped in the Town of Perris.
Got a haircut so that I will look decent for Steve's wedding on Sunday. Only cost $5 !!

Shopped at the Food-4-Less market, one of my favorites!


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  1. Couldn't George just have purchased an electric razer and buzzed himself for free?