Friday, April 20, 2007

6AM - Morning sounds in Tecate.
Tecate in the early morning sounds much different than other cities in Mexico. Tecate has lots of traffic at this time. Even the huge City of Ensenada does not sound like Tecate at 6am.

Little Mavicito and George walked across the bridge toward the town's center. We had heard the shift whistles blow from the Tecate brewery. One at 6am followed by two more whistles every 15 minutes. The shift whistle at 6:30am was accompanied by a call to church when bells rang too.
The giant Tecate beer plant.

11AM - Mr. Sunny not able to charge his batteries.
The sky has turned very dark. Big thick grey and black clouds. We have been keeping Mr. Datastorm off all morning, because of the batteries not being charged.

1:30PM - April showers have come our way!
We have decided to head back to San Diego and find a place that sells Honda generators. When we reached the border station, the rain was coming down pretty steady.

The border guards took our eggs and fruit again. Wow! The guards claim that all food taken is destroyed. Seems a shame to destroy perfectly good food.

4:30PM - San Diego House of Motorcycles.
We found a Honda dealer in San Diego called "House of Motorcycles." We got a demonstration of a Honda Model EU1000i generator. We do not need much generating power, only enough to charge the solar battery bank on days like this, when there is no Sun. And we have to fit this generator into a very small storage space. Hope it fits! We paid $699 for our EU1000i.
Our new generator.

8AM - A day of challenges.
This has been a day with many challenges. We love challenges!

MsTioga's fresh water tank has been very low for two days, and we have not been able to find a place for refilling. After checking many, many gas stations here in San Diego, we finally found one with a hose bibb, and were able to fill our tank.

The storm brought heavy rain, and that rain made driving difficult. Driving MsTioga in the rain is not easy. When we filled the water tank at the gas station, George got drenched!

Buying the generator is a drain on our savings. However, we strongly feel that what needs to be done, must be done. We could not be without this new generator. And that meant spending the money. Thank God that we have the money to spend!


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