Thursday, April 19, 2007

6AM - Mr. DeLorme wants to go to Tecate, Mexico!
At our Team Meeting this morning, Mr. DeLorme [our GPS map] announced that he wanted to go see Tecate, Mexico, which is only about twenty miles away. Wow! That is where the famous Tecate beer is made.

So, we are off to take a peek at Tecate, Mexico.

8:30AM - Camped in Tecate.
Tecate is a big city. When we arrived here, MsTioga did not know where to go. As we drove along the road thru town, we saw a hill with homes, and went up to take a look around. We found a place to make a Camp.
Our Camp in Tecate, Mexico.

Noon to 2PM - Looking for the propane plant.
MsTioga needed to refill on propane. We asked where the propane plant is located, and received bad directions. First we went west. Then we went east. Finally we located the "Z Gas" plant near the middle of Tecate on the road to Ensenada.
MsTioga at Z-Gas.

3PM - Found our Nite Camp near a park.
After filling up with propane, we had our eyes open for our Nite Camp site. We found a city park that looked good.

There is a little circus nearby. And there looks to be places to explore around here.
MsTioga Nite Camped at a park.

4:30PM - A good walk around the neighborhood.
We walked into a paint shop and asked if they sold really fine wet/dry sand paper, and bought one piece of 2000 grit. There are some overspray places on MsTioga's paint job, and we want to make them smooth.

Photos are needed in order to renew our passport. We've been keeping our eyes open ever since returning to the USA. Here in Tecate, we found a photo shop that advertised passport photos, and had our pic taken!
Kids at the passport place.


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