Wednesday, April 18, 2007

6AM - San Diego Trailer Supply.
Reader Al emailed suggesting shopping at San Diego Trailer Supply for the stuff that we need for MsTioga. So, we are heading out early to beat the commute traffic.

7:30AM - Morning Camped in North San Diego.
We have made our Camp a few blocks from San Diego Trailer. MsTioga is Camped next to a school playground. This is a good place to do some maintenance. MsTioga's engine compartment needs a lot of clean up.

In the pic below, George is cleaning MsTioga's battery terminals which have some blue corrosion. We use Caig Deoxit Contact Cleaner for jobs like this. Does a great job!

George cleaning up the engine compartment.

12 Noon - Heading for the hills.
We did not find anything that MsTioga needs at San Diego Trailer, and take this as a sign that this is not the time for shopping.

However, it may be the perfect time to go into the wilds! It is time to head for the hills.

2PM - Camped along Otay Reservoir.
MsTioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp along Lower Otay Reservoir. The view looking out from MsTioga's windows is of the water and hills. Wow!

We are in the wilds!
Tioga and George in the wilds!

4PM - Moved Camp to fishing road.
Just west of our Afternoon Camp, we see vehicles entering a dirt road. Walking up to the entrance, we found a fishing road with a sign stating "Closed at sundown."

We have moved our Camp on to this fishing road. If we are asked to leave at sundown, MsTioga will move our Camp back to the off road place where we were before. The Fishing Road Camp is quieter than our Afternoon Camp, because there is no traffic noise.
Fishing Road Camp.

6PM - Ranger closed Fishing Road.
Just as we sat down to eat supper, a ranger drove up to tell us that the gate will be closed and there is no camping here. So, we moved back to our Camp along the highway and made our Nite Camp there.


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