Monday, April 02, 2007

7AM - Heading north to Mulege.
After doing a bit of morning maintenance, MsTioga and The Team pulled out of our Camp on gorgeous Playa Requeson. We are heading to our favorite Camp in Mulege, at the foot of the estuary.

8:30AM - Mulege Camp.
Would you believe that there are two nice restaurants across the road from our Camp here in Mulege? We have never eaten at either of these places, but we are tempted!
MsTioga at the foot of the estuary in Mulege.

12 Noon - Painting screw heads.
MsTioga's exterior compartment door frames had this plastic molding insert, that covered the screws securing the frame. MsTioga did not like that molding, and refused to have it replaced after her paint job!! Can you imagine that?

So, Jorge is painting the exposed screw heads this afternoon using the left over paint.
Jorge paints the screw heads.

3:30PM - The birds are so happy in Mulege.
In the middle of the estuary, is a peninsula shaped piece of land. There are a zillion different kinds of birds messing around on this land. Little Mavicito wanted to go over and take a peek at these happy birds.

There is a lighthouse on a hill at the foot of this peninsula. South of the lighthouse is the entrance to the estuary.
The lighthouse, entrance to the estuary and the happy birds.


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