Saturday, April 14, 2007

7AM - Is tilting solar panels a good thing?
The Sun at this time is just above the horizon on a hazy morning. When Mr. Sunny's solar panels are flat, 1.2 amps come down to our battery charge controller. After raising the panels, the amperage rises to 8.2 amps. This is a remarkable difference.

On an average day, we usually begin the day with about a 60 amp-hour deficit. This means that a net 60 amp-hours are required to bring our solar battery bank up to a fully charged condition. On most days with the panels tilted, Mr. Sunny reaches full charge around 10am. Before being able to tilt our panels, full charge was not reached until about 1pm.

Being able to tilt panels becomes really important on cloudy days. On days when the Sun's power is limited, tilting might make the difference between getting the batteries to a fully charged condition or not. It is my firm conviction, that everyday our deep cycle battery bank must be brought to a full charge.
Mr. Sunny tilts his bank.

1PM - At The Wal*Mart.
Most of the morning was spent shopping at The Wal*Mart. Blue jeans, short pants, white tennis shoes, underwear, motor oil and a bunch of other stuff was bought.

MsTioga is using high mileage 75,001 motor oil and filters now. The Wal*Mart has a nice selection of stuff for MsTioga. We like that. George even got his eye glasses repaired here!

3PM - Day Camped in Mission Bay Park.
On the way to Mission Bay, we stopped at the RV Dump Station along Interstate #5. It's a free dump station!

There are tons of people at Mission Bay Park, but plenty of room for MsTioga in the parking lot. It's a nice day, and the morning overcast has cleared away.
Mission Bay Park in San Diego.

MsTioga and George at Mission Bay.

7PM - Nite Camped in downtown San Diego.
We are talking about taking a walk to find a nice ice cream or yogurt shop! Yummmm!
MsTioga and The Team Nite Camped in San Diego.


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