Sunday, April 22, 2007

7AM - Maximum stealth Nite Camping.
When you begin to make Camps as MsTioga and The Team make Camps, the time may come when you wish to be very stealthy. Some communities do not want RVs parked over nite on their streets. Maximum stealth mode is sometimes used when Nite Camping in these communities.

Here is what The Team does in order to be in maximum stealth mode at our Nite Camps:
  • Levelers not used.
  • Datastorm not used.
  • Interior lighting not used.
  • Window blinds open [except in bedroom].
This mode is very rarely used because we rarely make a Nite Camp in such communities. However, from time to time it is necessary to make such a Camp.

8:30AM - Back at Mission Beach.
The Team is back at Mission Beach. We like this place because there are lots of exciting things to see and hear.

People screaming as they ride the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. Runner, walkers, bikers, skaters going on the concrete path along the beach!

We made an exciting breakfast! An omelette with cheese, onions and honey baked ham topped with the kitchen sink [guacamole and salsa left over from last nite's supper].
Kitchen sink omelete!

2PM - Two hour bike ride.
Mr. Trek, George and Little Mavicito have just returned from a two hour bike ride on the concrete path along the beach. It is really great riding on this path. Nice and level with no intersections with streets for miles and miles.

On the way back to MsTioga, we stopped at the "Wave House", a restaurant with a couple of wave machines for surfers.
Wave House surfer in the tube.

Nite Camp Map Link

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