Friday, April 13, 2007

7AM - MsTioga's vehicle license plate.
Now that MsTioga looks new with her wonderful paint job and great fiberglass work, she wants to replace her old license plates which are worn, dirty and not very good looking.

This morning we paid MsTioga's 2008 vehicle registration online. While online, we found a downloadable application for "replacement plates!!" So, this morning we want to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles, turn in the old plates and our application for new plates!
MsTioga's old plate.

11:30AM - Our new plates!
It was sooooooo easy to get MsTioga's new plates! The Dept. of Motor Vehicles has an automated system for dealing customers to windows. Very fast!

We have made a Day Camp around the corner from the DMV at the Home Depot. After breakfast, we will shop to refill supplies of screws, etc., that we stock on board for repairs.
George shows off the new plate.

4:30PM - Messing with MsTioga's plates.
We spent much of the day shopping for MsTioga's license frames. Wow! What a good time. We love to browse thru auto supply stores!

We finally settled on nice chrome frames with mounting boards. Now MsTioga has new plates, front and rear enclosed in shiny new frames!
Do you like MsTioga's plate frame?

6PM - TracFone wireless.
Our friend John is using a TracFone wireless cell phone, and he loves it. We spent some time today shopping for TracFone. Have you heard of it? Hmmmmm?

7PM - Nite Camped on Clairmont Mesa.
We have made our Nite Camp in a commercial neighborhood on Clairmont Mesa, not too far away from The WalMart. Tomorrow morning is shopping time for new blue jeans!


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