Monday, April 16, 2007

7AM - Our Mexican neighborhood Camp.
During our morning walk, we found that our Nite Camp is in a Mexican neighborhood. We bought some vegetables at the Rancho Fresco Market. Little Mavicito took pics of a panaderia [bakery] and a Mexican restaurant.

There are differences though. They say, "Good morning" here, not "Buenas dias." And the shops open very early. 7am not 9am.

When Little Mavicito went to take a pic of MsTioga, he was surprised to see downtown San Diego really close to our Camp.
Mexican sandwich shop.

MsTioga Camped near downtown San Diego.

10AM - Day Camped near the fabulous Hotel Del.
We just had to go over to Coronado Island to walk around the fabulous Hotel Del Coronado. We have a favorite place to Camp here, and it is only a few blocks away from the Hotel Del.

After breakfast, Little Mavicito wants to go over to the hotel to take some pics.

1:30PM - Back from our walk around the Hotel Del.
Little Mavicito and George walked to the Hotel Del and then looked around the gardens and shops. We love the dark wood in the lobby and the flowers that are all around outdoors.

Paths lead to the beach, and we walked along these paths for quite a bit. It is a bright sunshiny day. Wonderful for walking.
Hotel Del Coronado.

Historic plaque.

6PM - Nite Camped in National City.
MsTioga found a Camp in the "Mile of Cars" neighborhood. There are a ton of car dealerships here. Looks like a nice place for a Nite Camp.

7PM - Bought a Tracfone!
Yes! The Tracfone was bought at The Wal*Mart in National City. Also purchased was a "Double Minutes card" and "1 Year service and 400 minutes of airtime card."

I activated the Tracfone online. That part went well. I entered the Double Minutes airtime PIN code. The instruction on-screen then read: "Turn Tracfone off and then on again. When the date reads 06-15-07, your phone is activated.

So far, my Tracfone still reads 01-01-01. I am now instructed to wait 30 minutes and try the "phone off" and "phone on" thing again.


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