Thursday, April 05, 2007

7AM - Tomorrow is another day!
Yesterday was a very strange day. So many challenges! Wow! However, it is now a new day, and this day seems to be doing quite nicely.

Yesterday our AVG anti-virus software detected a Trojan Horse virus in our JPEG Wizard software that we have been using for years. There is no virus in this software. This morning suddenly AVG permitted JPEG Wizard to run. We do not know why, but we are so happy about that.

Another good thing. Michel the Photographer sent email yesterday evening, and he and his new Camper will likely reach Hill Camp in Santa Rosalia this afternoon. We are soooooo looking forward to that meeting. Because we will get to see Michel's new expedition camper for the first time!

7:30AM - Mr. Datastorm report.
When we leave Hill Camp and begin our journey north to the USA, we will not have the services of our Mr. Datastorm! As you may have read yesterday, Mr. Datastorm's "upper control board" went bad. We have ordered a new board, and it will be delivered to our Datastorm dealer in San Diego, California.

The plan is to look for internet cafes, in order to post what has been going on. Little Mavcito will take pics, and we will write our stories as always. And when we find an internet cafe, we will publish those stories.

1PM - Naranjas de Mulege.
"Oranges from Mulege." These are the words from the man selling oranges from his car. The sales pitch from the loud speaker continues, "Sweet oranges, only 20 pesos!" I will remember those words. Even when I am far from my home at Hill Camp.

The time is close now to leave Hill Camp. We on The Team live in the moment. We are excited about our trip north. However, we never know when the last time comes. Will we return here once more?
Jorge looks at the orange man from Hill Camp.

Do you see the orange man's blue car with the speakers?
Sweet oranges! Only 20 pesos!

12:30PM - Martín the Artist arrives!
MsTioga was sooooooo happy to see Martín the Artist arrive, and he immediately went to repaint the border and letters of our Tiro Williams Mine mural.
Martín Real the Artist.

12:45PM - Michel the Photographer arrives!
Wow! Our dear friend Michel has arrived too! As you may recall, Michel is driving his new expedition vehicle, the Fuso-Santek.
Fuso-Santek and MsTioga Camping together!

4PM - Michel and Jorge talk together.
As you may imagine, friends like Michel and Jorge have a lot to talk about. All of the things that have happened since their last meeting. What better place to get together than at the gorgeous Hill Camp.
Michel and Jorge at Hill Camp.


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